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Looking Slabulous

Slab vessel by Jonathan Featherston

by Jonathan Featherston

Raku slab vessel by Taryn Rudolph

by Taryn Rudolph

Triangular slab vase by Maddie Takata

by Maddie Takata

Marooned Without Clay!

Last Friday Lisa and I went up to Lopez Island to relax for a week, but afterwards I'll be trapped up here, helping build a small home to replace Lisa's Taj Ma Small cabin. Should be good times, except it means I won't have a chance to get in the studio or work with clay for the summer - boo-hoo!

Slab plate by Parish Goebel

by Parish Goebel

Off Two A Plate Start

A couple pieces from the last week's firings to start things off. Another cone 10 is loaded and ready to fire tomorrow, so more good things to come as soon as I can shoot and edit photos.

Plate by Sarah Wang

by Sarah Wang

Plate by Allison Brumbaugh

by Allison Brumbaugh, after Pablo Picasso.

Work In Progress May 2012

Self-portrait by Jackson Casto

by Jackson Casto

Slip-cast skull by Taylor Bednarz

by Taylor Bednarz

April 2012 Raku

From the smoky section of the studio:

Naked raku vase by Sarah Wang

by Sarah Wang

Red raku pot by Roya Baharloo

Roya Baharloo

Raku bottle by Hayden Allan

by Hayden Allan

Teapots From Two

Teapot by Ben Stratton

by Ben Stratton

Teapot by Doug Stephenson

by Doug Stephenson

April 2012 Teabowls

A few teabowls and yunomi from the latest cone 10 firing.

Teabowl by Parish Goebel

by Parish Goebel

Teabowl by Kenny Surdyk

by Kenny Surdyk

Teabowl by Willie Augustavo

by Willie Augustavo

Naked Raku Workshop With Will & Kate Jacobson, Wally Asselberghs & Sue Morse

To wrap up NCECA 2012, I and three students attended a naked raku workshop organized by Richard Lawson and held at Seattle Pottery Supply, featuring Will & Kate Jacobson the first day, and Wally Asselberghs & Sue Morse the second. I only got to go the first day, but it was a good time, and worth it: Kate and Will were great, I learned how to make the process work, and my students came back super-excited to do more.

Naked raku piece by Will & Kate Jacobson

Will & Kate Jacobson

Naked raku piece by Wally Asselberghs

Wally Asselberghs

Naked raku piece by Sue Morse

Sue Morse

Teaware From The Edge Workshop And Exhibit

Temmoku tea bowl by Wasaburo Takahashi at the 2012 Teaware From The Edge Exhibit

A tenmoku style tea bowl by Wasaburo Takahashi, from the Teaware From The Edge Exhibit

The Teaware From The Edge exhibit and workshop, organized by Rob Fornell and Rick Mahaffey, took place at Tacoma Community College, the home of Rick and Reid Ozaki. The exhibit ran from March 26 - 30th, and included works from 36 artists from the USA, Japan, Korea, and the UK; the workshop was held on the 31st and April 1st, and featured Rob Fornell, Richard Milgrim, Inayoshi Osamu and Jeff Shapiro. I hitched a ride with the fast and friendly, helpful and hair-raising Brendan Fuller to view the exhibit and attend the first day of the workshop. It was great to see such a range of work in person, to learn from four very talented and knowledgeable artists, and to meet a number of other teaware and ceramic artists who attended. I had a chance to take a few photos of the exhibit, which may be seen here on the exhibit page, along with a list of those participating in the show. For more photos and notes on the workshop presenters, click on the photos of their works below.

Tea bowl by Rob Fornell at the 2012 Teaware From The Edge Exhibit

by Rob Fornell

Tea bowl by Richard Milgrim at the 2012 Teaware From The Edge Exhibit

by Richard Milgrim

Sake cup by Inayoshi Osamu

by Inayoshi Osamu

Tea bowl by Jeff Shapiro at the 2012 Teaware From The Edge Workshop

by Jeff Shapiro

Tom Coleman Workshop Pre-NCECA 2012

A small piece by Tom Coleman.

A small piece by Tom Coleman.

Last weekend, just before NCECA 2012, I was lucky enough to attend a two-day workshop given by Tom Coleman at Shoreline Community College. Tom was generous with his work, knowledge, experience and humor, and it was a treat to get to know him a little, and his insights into the culture and community of clay.


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