Variety And Variation

Variety and Variation.
Using a range of different qualities or instances of an art element to create a desired visual effect - e.g., a variety of shapes, colors, etc. Variety can add interest and break the monotony of simple repetitions.

The Rhinoceros by Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer - The Rhinoceros, 1515, woodcut, 21.4 x 29.8 cm

Portal #2 by Carol Gouthro

Carol Gouthro - Portal 2 (Anthazoa enticement), ceramic, 26 x 17 x 10 in.

The Art Of Losing by Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze - The Art Of Losing, 2004

Looking Ahead Tpot 7 by Barbara Frey

Barbara Frey - Looking Ahead Tpot 7, porcelain, colored porcelain and glaze, 6.5 x 6 x 8 in.

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