Japanese Tea Bowl Parts

Tea Bowl Cross Section

Tea Bowl Parts

  1. Mikomi: The view presented by the inside of the bowl.
  2. Kuchi Zukuri: The mouth opening or lip.
  3. Chakin: A chakin is the cloth used to dry the tea bowl.
  4. Chasen: A chasen is a bamboo whisk used to stir the tea. This is the area of the tea bowl where the chasen would rub against the sides.
  5. Chadamari, cha damari: The tea well. Where the last of the tea will pool.
  6. Chakin Zuri.
  7. Chasen Zuri Where the chasen whisk rubs.
  8. Kodai Waki: The division between the foot and body; the bottom of the tea bowl's side.
  9. Kodai Uchi: Inside the foot; the foot's center.
  10. Kodai: The foot.
  11. Koshi: The hip.
  12. Do: The body.

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