Teaware From The Edge Exhibit, Tacoma Community College March 2012

The Teaware From The Edge Workshop started out with a viewing of the exhibit and short talks by the presenters about some of the works, and tea bowls in general. It was a good exhibit, and in the end they had to turn off the lights and kick us out to get us to move on to the workshop.

Below is a list of the exhibitors as complete as I could make it. Many photos are from the show; where I didn't get a photo, I took from artist's website or other sources I could find; and where possible, the photos are linked to more about the artist. I failed miserably with some wonderful Korean artists - if you can help fill in some blanks that would be great.

From Japan:

Tsujimura Shiro tea bowl

Tsujimura Shiro

Higashida Shigemasa tea bowl

Higashida Shigemasa

The foot of Higashida Shigemasa's tea bowl

The foot of Higashida Shigemasa's chawan

Ohi Toshio tea bowl

Ohi Toshio

Inayoshi Osamu

Inayoshi Osamu

Shozo Michikawa tea bowl

Shozo Michikawa

Akira Satake tea bowl

Akira Satake

Tanaka Takahashi tea bowl

Tanaka Takahashi

Takahashi Wasaburo tea bowl

Takahashi Wasaburo

From Korea:

Choi Woong Taek tea bowl

Choi Woong Taek

Lee Kang Hyo tea bowl

Lee Kang Hyo

Lee Jung Hwan

Lee Jung Hwan

Min Young Ki tea bowl

Min Young Ki

Not pictured:

Kim Sun Sik

Kim Young Sik

Oh Soon Taek

Ryu Tae Kwon

From the UK:

Lisa Hammond tea bowl

Lisa Hammond

Phil Rogers tea bowl

Phil Rogers

From the USA:

John Baymore tea bowl

John Baymore

John Benn tea bowl

John Benn

Richard Bresnahan

Richard Bresnahan

Peter Callas tea bowl

Peter Callas

John Dix tea bowl

John Dix

Judith Duff tea bowl

Judith Duff

Rob Fornell tea bowl

Rob Fornell

Anthony Gaudino tea bowl

Anthony Gaudino

Chuck Hindes tea bowl

Chuck Hindes

Lucien Koonce tea bowl

Lucien Koonce

Rick Mahaffey tea bowl

Rick Mahaffey

Richard Milgrim tea bowl

Richard Milgrim

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

Reid Ozaki

Reid Ozaki

David Pike

David Pike

Tim Rowan tea bowl

Tim Rowan

Steve Sauer tea bowl

Steve Sauer

Jeff Shapiro tea bowl

Jeff Shapiro

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