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Gotta Be Somebunny

Marla the bunny by Rayna Tarrach

Marla the bunny by Rayna Tarrach

Coil pot with phoenix by Leslie Dahlin

by Leslie Dahlin

Coil pot by Allison Brumbaugh

by Allison Brumbaugh

The First Of The Last Of The First

The first pictures from the last firings of the first semester, that is.

Lidded pot with butterfly lid by Leslie Dahlin

by Leslie Dahlin

Shino pot with lid by Sarah Wang

by Sarah Wang

A set of sushi trays by John Andrilla

by John Andrilla

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Polar bear cub in Santa hat by Melissa Aten

by Melissa Aten

Last Details Of The Year

Work in progress by Leslie Dahlin.

Carved coil pot by Leslie Dahlin

Detail of pot by Leslie Dahlin

Have a restful, well deserved break, everyone.

December 14th 2011 Firings

A few photos before I run away for vacation - I'm noticing some usual suspects - but more good work to come.

Raku pot by E'Lonte Rucker

by E'Lonte Rucker

Pot by Kasia Guzik

by Kasia Guzik

Something by Roya Bajarloo

by Roya Baharloo

Coil pot with inlaid spiral pattern by Melissa Aten

by Melissa Aten

Lidded pot by Annalise Schweickart

by Annalise Schweickart

Lidded pot by Emma MacDuff

by Emma MacDuff

Emma's talent does not end with clay; she also blows glass:

Glass ornament by Emma MacDuff

How cool are my students? That cool.

Claying Around

A few things I've been playing with lately:

handbuilt tea bowl
barnacle stamped tea bowl
pillow tray

November 29th 2011 Cone 10 Firing

A first few pictures:

Jar by Roya Baharloo

by Roya Baharloo

Vase by Krista Loutsis

by Krista Loutsis

Tea bowl by Emma MacDuff

by Emma MacDuff

Cups And Cupcakes

It wasn't the happiest kiln-firing ever - the top of the kiln was far cooler than I wanted - but we still got some happy first project results. In the next week I should have photos of everything in the gallery.

Tea bowl by Kevin Zhou

by Kevin Zhou

Tea bowl by Michelle Auyeung

by Michelle Auyeung

Trick Or Heat

Loaded cone 10 kiln ready for firing, 10-29-11

After doing some work patching up the kiln, our first cone ten firing of the year, just in time for Halloween. Hopefully things will go boo-tifully.

Glaze tests ready for firing, 10-29-11

What's a firing without trying out a few new glaze recipes?

Open House 2011

Thanks to all those who came - I only wish I'd had more time to really meet everyone. Here are some of the results of the raku firing that we did:

raku pot by Kyla Keeler

by Kyla Keeler

raku pot by Emma Hunter

by Emma Hunter


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