Chuck, Chum

a bisque-fired chuck and chum

A support used to hold leather-hard pots for trimming on the wheel. Chucks or chums may be leather hard clay or bisque fired. If the chuck is leather hard, the piece to be trimmed will stick in place more, and the chuck is less likely to mar the piece. If bisque-fired, a soft coil of clay may be wadded onto the chuck to help pieces stick and prevent the hard bisque material from gouging into them.

Chucks and chums are useful for trimming pieces that have any combination of narrow or uneven rims (small-necked bottles and vases, pitchers with spouts), rims that are too fragile or delicate to support the weight of the piece, and rims that are too wide to fit on the bat or wheelhead, such as those of large bowls and platters. They are also useful for production trimming (quantities of similar items), as centering a piece on an already centered chuck or chum can be more rapid.

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