Downdraft Kiln

downdraft kiln at cone 10

A kiln that vents its exhaust through a flue set at floor level (to the interior of the kiln) that feeds into a chimney. The chimney is required to help create the convection currents necessary to draw out the waste gases. Since heat and gases from the burners enter in from the bottom of the kiln, rise through it and then must be drawn down to exit, the heat flow through the kiln is more even and efficient than that in an updraft kiln. Downdraft kilns are also preferable for reduction firing.

The kiln pictured above is at cone 10, just about to be shut off. The light below the kiln is not from the four gas jets heating it, but is leaking out of it from the 3" burner ports in the kiln floor that the jets blow into. It is warm in there. If I fired the kiln a little hotter, it would probably lift off.

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