Frequently Ignored Photo Answers

Q: I didn't take any photos/forgot to bring them/can't get them uploaded/have made a small pathetic attempt and am now "done", so I have nothing to do (except play games on my phone, watch sports highlights, chat, text, do other classes' homework, etc.) Why are you looking at me like you want to light my butt on fire?

FIA: If you've failed to bring or do the needed work to participate in the current activity, you can still do things to advance your photography and make your life better/easier later. Some ideas include:

  • Look at good photography in books, magazines or online to enrich your understanding and appreciation of what makes a good photograph, and to gain inspiration.
  • Read articles or watch videos on techniques and technical issues of photography to increase your knowledge and skills.
  • Use new learning or ideas to go back and improve upon old work.
  • Find image processing tricks you haven't tried and experiment with them.
  • Watch photography-related videos - there are only like a zillion of them.
  • Plan out a photo shoot - what people, props, wardrobe, lights and gear you'll need, how you'll set up, when and where, etc.

Q: What's going on? What do I have to do? Wait, you never told us that. I'm so confused.

FIA: Pull your head out of your phone, pay attention when I'm talking, take notes, read the clear written instructions I've given you, and follow directions. You will make your life much easier.

Q: We have to do two visits, one to a gallery and one to a museum?

FIA: As I've said a million times, and as it says on the syllabus and on the visit form, for this assignment you must visit BOTH a fine art gallery AND a fine art museum - TWO separate places. If you are still confused, I suggest reading up on the words 'both' and 'and' (uh-oh . . ).

Q: My negatives disappeared! I can't find them! Where did they go?

FIA: For freshly developed negative strips in the dryer cabinet, use some tape to write your name on and stick to the top or bottom clip holding your negatives so people can tell they're yours. For cut-up negatives in negative holder pages, make sure your name is written on the page and REALLY REALLY TRY NOT TO LEAVE IT IN THE DARKROOM, OR EVEN WORSE LEAVE A STRIP OF NEGATIVES IN AN ENLARGER. If you do forget and leave your negatives laying around where idiots can throw them on the floor, scratch them up and in general ruin them, check the lost negative box in the darkroom or the class negative binder. Good luck.

Q: Why do we have to have deadlines and assignments to shoot specific things, why can't we just shoot what we want? I think the couple photos I've shot so far are pretty good.

FIA: Watch this video.

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