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Tea Bowls From November 2012 Cone 10

Tea bowl by Akylah Cooper

by Akylah Cooper

Tea bowl by Hannah McCausland

by Hannah McCausland

Tea bowl by Micaella Owens

by Micaella Owens

Tray Tray Again

Here are a few students' first projects, just quick little trays that were used for glaze testing. The 2012-2013 student gallery is now up with galleries and photos for all the students I could find finished work for. In the next couple weeks we should have some tea bowls to show also.

Raku fired teabowl by Ben Stratton

by Ben Stratton - what's a post without some work by Ben?

The Smell Of Fall

Ah, it's that time of year again, when the bright eager faces of students fill the classrooms and the smoke of burning, shredded confidential paperwork beautifully belches from blackened trashcans and wafts through the air, as those more pyromaniacal souls experiment with raku. It's good to be back at it.

Experimental trays and cups by Ben Stratton

by Ben Stratton

All Work And No Clay

Day 11 of house-building

If you've been wondering what I've been up to, for the last five weeks I was helping build a home-away-from-home on Lopez Island for Lisa and I, to replace the little cabin Lisa had. The only clay I saw was around the foundation, which I didn't get a chance to play with. I did get a fair amount of practice hammering, though. Click on the photo to go to a gallery of images of the house taking shape. The floor, exterior walls and roof are made from Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs - styrofoam sandwiched between sheets of OSB. Below area few more photos from my stay.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Self-portrait by Jackson Casto

Jackson Casto's finished self-portrait

Finished skull by Taylor Bednarz

Finished skull by Taylor Bednarz

by Sami Stratis

by Sami Stratis

Pour Choices

Coffee pourer by Bethel Abraham

by Bethel Abraham

Teapot by Taylor Bednarz

by Taylor Bednarz

Teapot by Rayna Tarrach

by Rayna Tarrach

The Latest Lids

Lidded pot by Jackson Casto

by Jackson Casto

Lidded pot by Jillian Sellard

by Jillian Sellard

Lidded pot by Tessa Alger

by Tessa Alger

A Couple Cups

Celadon cup by Ben Stratton

by Ben Stratton

Handbuilt cup by John Andrilla

by John Andrilla

Shino cup by Jillian Sellard

by Jillian Sellard

Random Goodness

Bottle by Gene Hoffmann

by Gene Hoffmann

Naked raku pot by Ben Stratton

by Ben Stratton

by Robert Andrilla

by Robert Andrilla

Recent-ish Coil Work

Coil pot by Harrison Fisher

by Harrison Fisher

Coil sculpture by Mark Johnson

by Mark Johnson

Coil pot by Bridget Hoffman

by Bridget Hoffman


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