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Kristine Lee and Hannah Dougherty (Pixar, pay attention) have been up to their usual doodly antics when they've had time this last year, and now have their own website. (Okay, I helped - but you'll see why.) It's the best thing since marsupials. I can't wait to see what shenanigans come next.

UPDATE: Shenanigans have put Kristine and Hannah's website on hold for the time being, but when they're soon famous I'll be sure to post links.

doodleleedo welcome page

Cory Hosken

Another first page, this one by Cory Hosken. I cannot say enough cool things about Cory, except that I want to see more of her work.

Cory Hosken comic page

Gracie Dahl

Some great comics to round out the year! For now here's a first page teaser by Gracie Dahl, who did wonderful work. There's more good stuff to come!

Man And Beast

Peter North self-portrait bust

by Peter North

white tiger by Elena Thomas

by Elena Thomas

Pottery For Men And Beasts

cup by Robert Andrilla

by Robert Andrilla

bird bath by Lilith Winkler-Schor

by Lilith Winkler-Schor

Four Students Four Pots

collapsing pot by Taras

by Taras Telyatinskiy

pot by Sara Tari

by Sara Tari

pot by Marine Behr

by Marine Behr

Linh Le and Amanda Henry

Here's a lidded pot from each of two hard-working and fun students.

pot with lid by Linh Le

by Linh Le

pot with lid by Amanda Henry

by Amanda Henry

Zee Vun Zat Got Avay

Zere vas zese crazee zophmore girl who vas obzessed vith makink zese "potzteeker bowls". She alzo made zees feeshy. I tink she vas called "Haley Brown" or zumptink, but I alvays zink of her az Crazee Potzteeker Feesh-Girl. She vaz a barrel ov clownfeesh, zat vun - I meez her eef she no return.

Spring Raku

A couple raku pieces from recent firings. To all the teachers, students and administrators we alarmed with billowing clouds of black smoke and foul smells (but no fire alarms!) - we're sorry, we just couldn't help it. We'll try and warn you the next time we're about to have AWESOME FLAMING FUN!

by Cooper Borror

by Olivia Burton

Naked Raku Experiments

Cool gray summer has finally come, time to relax a little and catch up on posting.


time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

Link to monthly image blog