Lee Miller

<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>Portrait of Space, Nr Siwa, Egypt</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>Laszlo Bardossy execution</i>, Budapest, Hungary, 1946.</p>
<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>From the Top of the Great Pyramid</i>, circa 1937.</p>
<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>Buchenwald, April 1945</i>.</p>
<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>SS Guard in Canal</i>, 1945.</p>
<p><b>Lee Miller</b>, <i>Regina Lisso, Town Hall, Leipzig</i>, 1945.</p>
1907 , d. 1977

Vogue supermodel until scandal posing for Edward Steichen for photo used to advertise Kotex pads; went to Paris and became assistant/photographer with Man Ray, doing portraits; married Egyptian businessman, then English Lord; in London during the Blitz, became U.S. Army photographer and was one of the first photojournalists in Europe on the heels of D-Day, documented concentration camps and more.

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