Man Ray

<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Ingres's Violin</i>, 1924.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Rayograph; Comb, Straight Razor Blade, Needle and Other Forms</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Rayograph</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Tears</i>, 1932.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>The Kiss</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Black and White</i>, 1926.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Self-Portrait</i>, 1932.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Rayograph</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Marquise Casati</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Study of Hands</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>Man Ray</b>, <i>Self-Portrait with Gun, 1932.</p>
1890 , d. 1976

Born Emmanuel Radnitzky; Dada and Surrealism, painter; worked in Paris, portraits and fashion, photograms ("Rayograms") and solarization; knew Eugène Atget and hired Berenice Abbott for an assistant for a time; sexy times with Kiki de Montparnasse (Alice Prin), assistant/muse Lee Miller and others.


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