Ceramics From When We Could Do Ceramics

Ellie Weibel

Teabowl by Ellie Weibel
Teabowl by Ellie Weibel
Teabowl by Ellie Weibel
Slab box by Ellie Weibel

Cathy Zhao

Vase by Cathy Zhao
Bowl with altered rim by Cathy Zhao

Claire Baker

Pot with lid by Claire Baker

Clare Larsen

Tray by Clare Larsen

Isabel Ieng

Platter with altered rim by Isabel Ieng

Isabel Nonn

Tray by Isabel Nonn

Jackie Su

Vase by Jackie Su
Plate by Jackie Su

Jacqui Angeles

Blue vase by Jacqyi Angeles

Jaime Murray

Cup with incised design by Jaime Murray

Julianna Folta

Pot with lid by Julianna Folta

Julie Ganbold

Lidded box by Julie Ganbold

A-List Ceramics

Abby Sanchez-Cabrera

Tray by Abby Sanchez-Cabrera
Cup by Abby Sanchez-Cabrera

Andras Marto

Teabowl by Andras Marto
Teabowl by Andras Marto

Arwen McDuling

Three octopus cups by Arwen McDuling

Ava Falck

Box with Lid by Ava Falck
Tray by Ava Falck

Loren Pavlovski & Megan Chow

Two more prodigious pottery peoples who make the studio a good place to be.

Loren Pavlovski

Skull skullpture by Loren Pavlovski!
Vase by Loren Pavlovski
Vase by Loren Pavlovski
Vase by Loren Pavlovski
Vase by Loren Pavlovski
Patrick Star by Loren Pavlovski

Megan Chow

Teapot by Megan Chow
Vase by Megan Chow
Pot with lid by Megan Chow
Three carved cups by Megan Chow
Bowl by Megan Chow

Eglantine Plisson, Mari Love & Erik Balas

A trio of more creative ceramics campers you will not meet. Wait, okay, you might meet them. After we are done sheltering in place.

Eglantine Plisson

Sculpture by Eglantine Plisson
Rowboat tray by Eglantine Plisson
Bowl by Eglantine Plisson

Mari Love

Tray by Mari Love
Many-legged cup by Mari Love

Erik Balas

Mouth tray by Erik Balas

Melissa Leon & Katie Barr

Not only do Melissa and Katie hold Masters degrees in Pokémonology, but they are also all-around creative mayhem funsters.

Melissa Leon

Snorlax by Melissa Leon
Corsola by Melissa Leon

Katie Barr

Tray by Katie Barr
Teabowl by Katie Barr
Bulbasaur by Katie Barr


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