October 2nd 2014 Open House

Sydney Ross made a tray in time to raku fire during our open house. It turned out well and I didn't even set any parents on fire - a good night all in all.

Raku tray by Sydney Ross

June 23rd 2014

Some last prints from the darkroom:

Bailey Fjelstul

Bailey Fjelstul

Megan Liang

Megan Liang

Marley Mecham

Marley Mecham

Adrienne Reagan
Ben Nussbaum
Chloe Jarvis
Chloe Jarvis
Darrius Capehart
Heather McKenzie
Jennifer Chen
Lauren Mamaghani
Makisa Bronson
Makisa Bronson
Megan Liang

June 22nd 2014

Some last works out of the kilns before cleaning up and giving the studio a rest for the summer. Thanks to all those who made it a good semester.

Tenmuko and nuka bottle by Ryan Finstad

Ryan Finstad

Raku pot by Zach Nord

Zach Nord

Striped teapot by Kayla Mulkins

Kayla Mulkins

Slab vase by Austen Simmons
Large bowl by David Simon
Cup and saucer by Emily Hoke
Thrown cup by Emily Hoke
Coil pot by Emily Hoke
Cup by Hannah Hoffman
Bowl by Jesus Cruz
Slab sculpture by Kayli Midkiff
Sculpture by Mackenzie Wamble
Raku egg by Ryan Finstad
Raku maraca by Ryan Finstad
Cup by Temby Song
Bowl by Temby Song
Cup by Vanessa Retallick

May 26th 2014

A few photos from our annual Artwalk on Tuesday the 20th, along with work from a recent firing.

IHS Artwalk 2014

A guest views a sculpture by Anders Ledell

A quiet moment in the hallway
Students working in the IB Visual Arts/Stained Glass/Jewelry Metals room
Another view of the art lobby
The Usual Suspects
Students get family and friends to try out throwing on the wheel

Temby Song

Amber teapot with woven handle by Temby Song
Carved celadon plates by Temby Song
Blue bowl by Temby Song
Bottle vase by Temby Song

Ryan Finstad

Raku dragon egg by Ryan Finstad

Sydney Ross

Puff the dragon by Sydney Ross

But wait there's more . . .

by Hannah Hoffman
by Rachel Medunic
by David Simon
by David Simon
by Bryana Diego
by Emily Hoke
by Drew Roman
by Zack Nord


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