Paul Strand

<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Young Boy, Gondeville, Charente, France</i>, 1951.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Lathe #1, Akeley Machine Shop, New York</i>, 1923.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>The Family, Italy</i>, 1953.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>White Horse, South Uist, Scotland</i>, 1954.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Fall in Movement, Orgeval, France</i>, 1973.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Iris and Stump, Orgeval, France</i>, 1973.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Couple, Rucar, Romania</i>, 1967.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Boys at Cape Coast, Ghana</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Sheik Abdul Hadi Misyd, Attar Farm, Delta Egypt</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Water Wheel and Colossi, Gurna, Upper Egypt</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Driveway, Orgeval, France</i>, 1973.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Ewan Macleod, Hebrides</i>, 1954.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Postmistress and Daughter, Luzzara, Italy</i>, 1954.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Tailor's Apprentice, Luzzara, Italy</i>, 1953.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Market Day, Luzzara, Italy</i>, 1953.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Susan Thompson, Cape Split, Maine</i>, 1945.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Fox River, Gaspé</i>, 1936.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>White Horse, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico</i>, 1932.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Ranchos de Taos Church, New Mexico</i>, 1931.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Man, Tenancingo, Mexico</i>, 1933.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Boy, Hidalgo, Mexico</i>, 1933.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Rebecca, New York City</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Iris</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Mr. Bennett, Vermont</i>, 1944.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>From the Viaduct</i>, 1916.</p>
<p><b>Paul Strand</b>, <i>Blind Woman, New York</i>, 1916.</p>
1890 , d. 1976

Student of Lewis Hine, traveled and photographed a large range of subject matter, lived in Orgeval, France from 1949 on.

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