Lewis Hine

<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Seven-year-old Alex Reiber topping. He said, "I hooked me knee with the beet-knife, but I jest went on a-workin'." Location: Sterling [vicinity], Colorado.</i> October 23rd, 1915.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Hard work and dangerous for such a young boy. James O'Dell, a greaser and coupler on the tipple of the Cross Mountain Mine, Knoxville Iron Co., in the vicinity of Coal Creek, Tenn. James has been there four months. Helps push these heavily loaded cars. Appears to be about 12 or 13 years old. Location: Coal Creek, Tennessee.</i> December 1910.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Selling during school hours, 10:30 A.M. Location: Syracuse, New York (State).</i> February 1910.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Power house mechanic working on steam pump</i>, 1920.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Mildred Benjamin, 17 years old. Right dorsal curvature. Scoliosis. Right shoulder higher than left. Shows incorrect position required to perform this kind of work. Stopping use of right arm. Location: Boston, Massachusetts</i>. January 1917.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Daniel Mfg. Co., Lincolnton N.C. Girl beginning to spin. Many of these there. Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina.</i> November 1908.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Empire State Building construction worker touching the top of the Chrysler building</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>A view of the Pennsylvania Breaker. The dust was so dense at times as to obscure the view. This dust penetrates the utmost recess of the boy's lungs. Location: South Pittston, Pennsylvania.</i> January 1911.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Photograph of a Workman on the Framework of the Empire State Building. Many structural workers are above middle-age.</i> 1930.</p>
<p><b>Lewis Hine</b>, <i>Sweeper and Doffer Boys, Lancaster Mills (Cotton). S.C. Many more as small. Location: Lancaster, South Carolina.</i> December 1908.</p>
1873 , d. 1940

Studied sociology, used photography to help bring about social change, primarily concerning child labor. Documented war and drought relief work and the construction of the Empire State Building.

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