Paul Outerbridge

<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Ide Collar</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Airport Lounge, Mexico</i>, circa 1950.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Self-portrait on Lounge, Oceanside Resort, Santa Monica, California</i>, circa 1950.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Travel Agent, Mazatlán, Mexico</i>, circa 1950.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Carnival Carriage, Mexico</i>, circa 1950.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Cyclops</i>, circa 1935.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Images de Deaville</i>, 1936.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Consciousness</i>, 1931.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>H.O. Box</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Saltine Box</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>Paul Outerbridge</b>, <i>Cheese and Crackers</i>, 1922.</p>
1896 , d. 1958

Pioneer and writer of color photography techniques, created color nude studies too indecent to be exhibited during his lifetime. Lived in Paris from 1925-1929, set up the largest, most completely equipped advertising studio of the time, and was friends with Man Ray and Berenice Abbott.

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