Norman Parkinson

<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Wenda and Ostriches</i>, British Vogue, 1951.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Carmen Dell 'Orefice</i>, US Vogue, 1949.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Dizy</i>, Queen, August 1960.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>The Art of Travel</i>, British Vogue, May 1951.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Barbara Mullen at the Red Fort</i>, British Vogue, November 1956.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Paddy Fields in late summer</i>, British Vogue, November 1956.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Model & Car</i>, Vogue, October 1959.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Brightest Sun Travelers</i>, British Vogue, January 1971. Jan Ward wearing a Jean Muir dress in Utah.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Katherine Pastrie</i>, in Ken Scott Pyjamas, Mexico, Vogue 1966.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>After Van Dongen</i>, United Kingdom, November 1959. Adele Collins wearing an Otto Lucas toque. This image was inspired by Kees Van Dongen's 1919 painting 'The Corn Poppy'.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Wenda Parkinson</i>, Vogue 1952. Suit by Dorville, flannel hat by Simone Mirman, beaver muff by National Fur Co.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Wenda Parkinson in suit and coat by Matita</i>, London Airport, Vogue 1951.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Cardin Hat over Paris</i>, Queen, 1960.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>New York, New York: East River Drive</i>, GO Magazine, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Fuchsia - for Autumn brilliance</i>, British Vogue, August 1957. Model Marie-Hélène Arnaud.</p>
<p><b>Norman Parkinson</b>, <i>Hyde Park Corner</i>, British Vogue, February 1951.</p>
1913 , d. 1990

Shot for Vogue, freelanced, was photographer of royals after Cecil Beaton, married actress/model Wenda Rogerson who was often in his photos. Took fashion out of the studio to location settings and added some humor.


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