Cecil Beaton

<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Julie Andrews</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Vivien Leigh</i>, 1939.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Ouled Nails, El Oued, Algeria</i>, circa 1931.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>A wren serving with the crew of a harbour launch in Portsmouth</i>, 1941.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Bomb damage to HMV (His Master’s Voice) gramophone shop, Oxford Street, London</i>, 1940.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Desert Debris, Sidi Rezegh, Libya</i>, 1942.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>John Smiley at Ashcombe</i>, 1940.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Mick Jagger</i>, 1967.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Princess Natalia Paley</i>, circa 1935.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Igor Markevitch</i>, 1929.</p>
<p><b>Cecil Beaton</b>, <i>Princess Ira Von Furstenberg</i>, April 1955.</p>
1904 , d. 1980

Artist and Oscar-winning set and costume designer as well as photographer of fashion and celebrity, the Royal Family and WWII. Found Erwin Blumenfeld's work and introduced him to Vogue.

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