Snow Day Clay

Typical: I get up at 4:30 am, look out, see a couple inches of snow on the ground, rain pouring down, and the main streets plowed clear. Since it looks like it's going to be a slush-fest, I decide to bus it rather than try riding my bike down and up steep windy roads. By 5am there's no news of school delay, so I head out. The bus drops me at Bothell Way and 68th Ave NE, and from there it's faster for me to run than wait for another bus, so I do. The street crews have thoughtfully plowed all the snow/slush onto the sidewalks, so I'm hurdling drifts and wading through lakes, trying to avoid 10-foot-high slush-tsunamis from speeding garbage trucks, and running in my hiking boots - all the way up Simonds Rd to school. The gate's open, there's a couple cars there, so I go into my room . . . and the phone rings. It's Lisa, telling me school's closed for the day.

Thought #1: Seriously? All the snow was on the sidewalks - the cars had it easy!

Thought #2: Woo-hoo!

Best day ever. I put on music, drank hot cocoa, caught up on grading, finished trimming a couple pieces, and unloaded a kiln. And guess what was in that kiln?
Emily's puffer fish

Emily Anderson's puffer fish! (I think its name should be 'Snowball'.

If you haven't browsed through the student gallery lately, here's a sampling of some of the other good things created lately.

Sami's tea bowl

by Sami Stratis

Alejandro's tiger

by Alejandro Bustos

Kyla's raku bowl

by Kyla Keeler-Trush

Alicia's celadon bottle

by Alicia Bradley

Kailie Ponto's vase

by Kailie Ponto

Kayla's pot with a lid

by Kayla Randall

Rachel Hsu's sculpture

by Rachel Hsu

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