Maryhill Museum

Rainbow in the Gorge


Lisa and I went down to the gorge and Hood River for a few days and enjoyed the scenery. One of the highlights was the Maryhill Museum. How can you not like a place that has a closet full of heads?

Maryhill Museum Closet Full O' Heads

It's a place full of treasures. A fascinating collection of chess sets and game pieces, a room full of works by Auguste Rodin, a Native American collection, and a selection of work from Portland's Museum of Contemporary Craft - among other things.

Rodin Model

Auguste Rodin. A study for the Vase of Titans, c. 1875. Terra cotta.

Fallen Caryatid

August Rodin. Fallen Caryatid Bearing Her Stone, 1881. Terra cotta and plaster.

I'd never seen her before, but I had the faintest feeling that I knew her from some reference. It took me a couple days to realize from what.

Robert A Heinlien, Stranger In A Strange Land bookcover

Outside it was windy, even for the gorge, but under the blowing trees there were more things to see. If you've never been there, make sure to treat yourself some time and go.

Fertility Petroglyph

Jill Torberson. Fertility Petroglyph, 2006. Steel.

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