March 18th Firings

Here's a few of the happy results from the last firings. Most of the rest can be found in the student gallery.

Paige Rogstad teabowl

by Paige Rogstad

CJ Barnes teabowl

by CJ Barnes

Marshall Hetland teabowl

by Marshall Hetland

Doug Stephenson teabowl

by Doug Stephenson

Stephanie Villiers teabowl

by Stephanie Villiers

Bri Truong cup

by Bri Truong

Alicia Bradley cup

by Alicia Bradley

Holly Sandborg cup

by Holly Sandborg

Kyla Keeler plate

by Kyla Keeler

time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

Link to monthly image blog