Daily Dose Of Legen-

... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

From the people who brought you "cute" the other day:

Kyla Keeler's teapot

by Kyla Keeler

Claire Thompson's owl

by Claire Thompson

How legendary is the owl? Well, we have a lot of crows that hang out on campus, picking up after teenagers. Usually when I walk by them (the crows), they glance up from whatever they're eating, see it's just that clay-covered guy, and go back to what they're doing. I've got a real-looking fake crow up in the rafters of my room, so I took it down, held it and the owl so that it looked like the owl had it in it's clutches, and went for a walk. The crows looked at me, then the owl, and their eyes got THIS big and they squawked "Holy crap fly away fly AWAY!!!" and flew for dear life. They went home to their roosts and told their families, "It was THIIIIS big, and it had Russell in it's clutches, and it had big yellow eyes that pierced my soul like HOT LASERS OF EVIL!

That's how legendary it is.

time well spent

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