William Wegman

<p><b>William Wegman</b>, Acne campaign, Spring/Summer  2013.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Red Toy</i>, 2006. 20x24 Polaroid.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Four Legged</i>, 2010.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Furrious</i>, 2012.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>White Out</i>, 2014.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b></p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Farmer and Son</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Cinderella</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Mother/Daughter</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Courage</i>, 2002.</p>
<p><b>William Wegman</b>, <i>Dog Walker</i>, 1990.</p>

Started out as a guy with a MFA in painting, a camera, and a Weimaraner named Man Ray.

time well spent

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