William Klein

<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Gun 1, New York</i>, 1955.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Hat and 5 Roses</i>, Paris, Vogue</i>, 1956.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Atom Bomb Sky</i>, 1955.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Boy & Girl, New York</i>, 1955.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, Dorothea McGowan in a dress by Capucci, Rome, 1960.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, Dorothea McGowan, France, Vogue, 1960.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, Lilliy Daché Hat, 1960s.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Opera + Blank Faces</i>, Paris, Vogue, 1963.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Bikini, Moscow</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, Tizzy Tizzani and Whilelmina Cooper, New York, 1963.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Hand, Beirut, Lebanon</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Backstage Alaïa Blonde + Hood, Paris</i>, 1986.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, 1960.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Candy Store</i>, 1955.</p>
<p><b>William Klein</b></p>
<p><b>William Klein</b>, <i>Dorothy + Scout + Ball</i>, Paris, Vogue, 1960.</p>
United States

Joined the Army, ended up stationed in France and stayed. Took up painting and sculpting before photography, then shot fashion for Vogue and street photography; brought a sense of irony and unusual techniques to his work. Has also worked as a filmmaker.

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