William Claxton

<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Dinah Washington, Los Angeles</i>, 1959</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Chet Baker and Teddy Charles (piano), Pasadena</i>, 1953</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Chet Baker playing piano, Hollywood</i>, 1954</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Chet's Chops, Hollywood</i>, 1954</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Chet Baker with Helima, Redondo Beach</i>, 1955</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Stan Getz, Hollywood</i>, 1955</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Cootie Williams, Harlem Central, 125 Street, New York</i></p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Will Shade and his tub bass, Memphis</i>, 1960</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Butch Cage, country fiddler, Zachary, Louisiana</i>, 1960</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Hot Dog Stand, Los Angeles, 3 AM</i>, 1961</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Ray Charles with Raylette, Hollywood</i>, 1961</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Steve McQueen in His Jaguar XK-SS, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles</i>, 1962</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Steve McQueen Glides in From Desert Race, Mojave Desert, CA</i>, 1963</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Steve McQueen playing Guitare, Colombus, Texas</i>, 1963</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Steve McQueen on Set after Kennedy assassination announcement, Texas</i>, 1963</p>
<p><b>William Claxton</b>, <i>Steve McQueen and His Family Cat, "Kitty Kat," Los Angeles</i>, 1964</p>
1927 , d. 2008

California photographer who started taking pictures for Jazz album covers while still in college. Known for portraits of musicians and Hollywood stars such as his friend Steve McQueen.

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