Timothy O'Sullivan

<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Ancient Ruins in the Cañon de Chelle, N.M. (No. 11, Geographical Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian)</i>, 1873.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Sand dunes Carson Desert Nevada</i>, 1867.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Black Cañon, Colorado River, from Camp 8, Looking Above</i>, 1871.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Tufa Domes, Pyramid Lake, Nevada</i>, 1867.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Ancient ruins on the San Juan River, Arizona</i>, 1874.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Washakie Bad Lands</i>, 1872.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania</i>, 1863.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Old Mission Church, Zuni Pueblo, N.M. View from the plaza</i>, 1873.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Pah-Ute (Paiute) Indian group, near Cedar, Utah</i>, 1872.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Cañon de Chelle. Walls of the Grand Cañon about 1200 Feet in Height.</i> 1873.</p>
<p><b>Timothy O'Sullivan</b>, <i>Summit of Wahsatch Range, Utah (Lone Peak)</i>, 1869.</p>
1839 , d. 1881

One of Brady's boys, photographed the Civil War, afterwards traveled with expeditions for geological exploration of the American West, created pictures of untamed frontier without romanticizing or using painting conventions.

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