Steven Meisel

<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Madonna</i>, for Versace, 1995.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Edie Campbell</i>, Lanvin campaign, 2013.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Christian Garcia, Kristoffer Hasslevall, Michael Lange</i>, Lanvin campaign, 2013. </p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Daria Strokous, Karlie Kloss, Saskia de Brauw</i>, Lanvin campaign, 2013.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.</i></p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Karen Elson</i>, Roberto Cavali Spring/Summer campaign, 2012.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Sessilee Lopez</i>, Vogue Italy, 2008.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Linda Evangelista</i>, Kenar Fall/Winter ad campaign, 1994.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Vogue Miss Shaped</i>, Megahn Collison, 2007.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Brooklyn Dandies</i>, Ondria Hardin, Vogue Italy, October 2013.</p>
<p><b>Steven Meisel</b>, <i>Daria, 'the Face of Today'</i>, Daria Werbowy, Vogue Italy, May 2004.</p>

Was obsessed by fashion, models and beauty when young - got girlfriends to impersonate Richard Avedon's secretary and call modeling agencies to get photos of models. Started out as a fashion illustrator.

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