Stephen Shore

<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Sixth Street and Throckmorton Street, Fort Worth, Texas, June 13, 1976.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, 1970, from Conceptual Sequences.</p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>El Paso Street, El Paso, Texas, July 5, 1975.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Room 28, Holiday Inn, Medicine Hat, Alberta, August 18, 1974.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>New York City, NY, September-October 1972.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>U.S. 22, Union, New Jersey, April 24, 1974.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Michael and Sandy Marsh, Amarillo, Texas, September 27, 1974.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, November 17, 1977.</i></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b></p>
<p><b>Stephen Shore</b>, <i>Large Crater, Negev Desert, Israel, September 29, 2009</i>.</p

Everyday landscapes and scenes, road trips, began using large format color, one of the first to use color photography for fine art.


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