Roy DeCarava

<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Mississippi Freedom Marcher, Washington, D.C.</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Graduation</i>, 1949.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Two Men, Subway Stairs, New York</i>, 1954.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Women and Children at Intersection, New York</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Man Coming Up Subway Stairs</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, from 'The Sweet Flypaper of Life'.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Couple Walking Park Avenue, New York</i>, 1960.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Couples, New York</i>, 1960.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Force, New York</i>, 1963. Woman arrested by police at a protest march.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Four Men, New York</i>, 1964.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Man in Window</i>, 1978.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, from 'The Sound I Saw'.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Billie Holiday and Hazel Scott at a Party</i>, 1957.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Couple Dancing</i>, 1956.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b>, <i>Dancers, New York</i>, 1956.</p>
<p><b>Roy DeCarava</b></p>
1919 , d. 2009

Captured Harlem life, jazz musicians and the civil rights movement using available light.

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