Roger Fenton

<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>The Valley of the Shadow of Death</i>, 1855. Version with cannonballs on road.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>The Valley of the Shadow of Death</i>, 1855. Version with cannonballs to side of road.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Landing place, Ordnance Wharf, Balaklava, Genoese Castle</i>, 1855.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b></p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Cossack Bay, Balaklava</i>, 1855.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Captain Burnaby, Grenadier Guards</i>, 1855.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Cooking house, 8th Hussars</i>, 1855. On the left is the side of Fenton's photographic van.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>View of Balaklava from the top of Guard's Hill</i>, 1855.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b></p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Cheddar Cliffs, Somerset</i>, 1858.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>The Wharfe and Pool Below the Strid, Bolton Abbey</i>, circa 1854-58.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Moscow, Domes of Churches in the Kremlin</i>, 1852.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Derwentwater</i>, 1860.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Rievaulx Abbey, the North Transept</i>, 1854.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>Fruit and Flowers</i>, 1860.</p>
<p><b>Roger Fenton</b>, <i>The Artist's Van</i>, 1855.</p>
1818 , d. 1868

Lawyer who had some painter training and quit his practice to take up photography. Became well-known for first photos of the Kremlin and Russia, and then for photos of the Crimean War, some of the first war photography. Traveled throughout Britain and photographed landscapes, architecture and still lifes; a founding member of what became the Royal Photographic Society. Gave up photography and returned to law when photography became looked upon as a craft for tradesmen rather than an art.

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