Robert Mapplethorpe

<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Ken Moody and Robert Sherman</i>, 1984.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Patti Smith</i>, 1975.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Nick</i>, 1977.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Smutty</i>, 1982.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Jim, Sausalito</i>, 1977.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Meredith Monk</i>, 1985.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Roy Lichtenstein</i>, 1985.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>David Hockney</i>, 1976.</p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b></p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b></p>
<p><b>Robert Mapplethorpe</b>, <i>Self Portrait</i></p>
1946 , d. 1989

Known for black and white portraits and nudes, and images of the 1960s-1970s New York sado-masochistic and bondage scene. Fueled debate about public funding of controversial art. Died of AIDS at age 42; before his death set up foundation which has raised and donated millions of dollars to fight the disease.

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