Richard Misrach

<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Flooded Marina (Gas Pumps), Salton Sea, California</i>, 1983.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, 2007.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Swamp and Pipeline, Geismar, Louisiana</i>, 1998.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Sugar Cane and Refinery, Mississippi River Corridor, Louisiana</i>, 1998.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Cloud #240</i>, 1993.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Windmill Farm, San Gorgonio Pass</i>, 1984.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Restraining Wall and Campers, Edwards Air Force Base, California</i>, 1983.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Diving Board, Salton Sea</i>, 1983.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Desert Fire #81 (Grapefruit Trees)</i>, 1984.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Desert Fire #153</i>, 1984.</p>
<p><b>Richard Misrach</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, 2003, from the series On The Beach.</p>

One of the first to use color in fine art photography, and also one of the first to print and present large scale photos of large format work.


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