Richard Billingham

<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (NRAL 21)</i>, 1995.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (NRAL 2)</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (NRAL 13)</i>, 1996.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (NRAL 17)</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (NRAL 33)</i>, 1995.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (Ray's a Laugh 3)</i>, 1995.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (Ray's a Laugh 20)</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (Ray's a Laugh 25)</i>, 1994.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (from Ray's a Laugh)</i>, 1990s.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (from Ray's a Laugh)</i>, 1990s.</p>
<p><b>Richard Billngham</b>, <i>Untitled (Ray's a Laugh 6)</i>, 1995.</p>

Studied as a painter and started taking candid family photos as source material for paintings, then for the photos themselves; produced Ray's A Laugh - book chronicling the life of his alcoholic father Ray and overweight mother Liz.

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