László Moholy-Nagy

<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>View from the Berlin radio tower</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Rue Cannebierre, Marseilles, France</i>, 1929.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>New Year's Morning</i>, Berlin, circa 1930.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, Pont Transbordeur, Marseilles, France, 1929.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>View from the Pont Transbordeur, Marseilles, France</i>, 1929.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Portrait Lucia Moholy</i>, no date.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Fotogramm (pos.)</i>, 1924.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, 1927 (?)</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, 1929 (?)</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Fotogramm</i>, 1922.</p>
<p><b>László Moholy-Nagy</b>, <i>Fotogramm</i>, 1926.</p>
1895 , d. 1946

Instructor of the Bauhaus school, taught the integration of fine art, craft and industry, proficient in many mediums besides photography, experimented in photo processes; "the New Vision" - idea that photography could show the world in new ways that the eye could not see on its own.

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