Karl Blossfeldt

<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Struthiopteris germanica (magnified 8 times)</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b></p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Polypodiaceae aspidieae</i>, 1928. Left to right: Polypodiaceae aspidieae (enlarged 4 times); Vaccinium corymbosum (enlarged 8 times); Polystichum falcatum (enlarged 5 times).</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Primula japonica (magnified 6 times)</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Impatiens glanduligera (no magnification)</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Blumenbachia hieronymi (Loasaceae), magnified 8 times</i>, 1920s.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Trollius Ledebourii (magnified 10 times)</i>, 1920s.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Equisetum hiemale (magnified 25 times)</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b></p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b>, <i>Adiantum pedatum (magnified 8 times)</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>Karl Blossfeldt</b></p>
1864 , d. 1932

Art professor in Berlin, created own cameras that could take extremely magnified images and made detailed photographs of botanical specimens. Photos were mostly used for teaching until he was 63, when his book Art Forms In Nature was published to great acclaim.

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