Jay Maisel

<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Red Wall and Rope</i>, Singapore.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Don't Walk and Red</i>, New York, New York.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b></p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Bird in Iran</i>.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Reeds and Reflection</i>, Vicenza, Italy.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Red, Green, Yellow</i>, San Francisco, California.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Hot Cabbie</i>, New York, New York.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Man in Bus</i>, Bucharest, Romania.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>First Snow, Elizabeth Street</i>, New York, New York.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b>, <i>Leaning Photographer of Pisa</i>, Pisa, Italy.</p>
<p><b>Jay Maisel</b></p>

New York City photographer, lives in a huge old bank building in lower Manhattan that he bought cheap and is now worth millions.


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