Jacques Henri Lartigue

<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Le Zyx 24 s'envole... Dédé et Robert essaient de s'envoler aussi. Rouzat</i>, 1910.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Zissou, Rouzat</i>, 1911.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Ma cousine Bichonnade. 40, rue Cortambert, Paris</i>, 1905.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Grand Prix of the A.C.F - a Delage</i>, 1912.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Dédé, Rouzat</i>, 1911.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris</i>, 1905.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>My hydroglider with propeller</i>, 1904.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Simone</i>, 1913.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Bibi, Arlette and Irène. Storm in Cannes</i>, 1929.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Bobsled race - Zissou and Madeleine Thibault in the bobsled, Mme. Folletête,Tatane & Maman Rouzat</i>, September 20, 1911.</p>
<p><b>Jacques Henri Lartigue</b>, <i>Simone</i>, 1913.</p>
1894 , d. 1986

From outgoing wealthy family, played "blink game" to capture images in his head, got first camera around age 7 and took candid "amateur" photos of family and friends at play and the new and beautiful of the day, captured motion; painted for a living and was not well known and did not really work as a photographer until age 69.

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