Jacob Riis

<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Lodgers in Bayard Street Tenement, Five Cents a Spot</i>, 1889.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>The Short Tail Gang. Corlears Hook under the Pier at the foot of Jackson Street</i>, 1889.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Their playground a truck, Baxter Street</i>, circa 1890.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Well-dressed man being thrown into jail</i>, circa 1895.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Tramps Lodging in a Jersey Street Yard</i>, 1898.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Bandits' Roost, 59 1/2 Mulberry Street</i>, 1888.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Street Arabs in sleeping quarters</i>, circa 1890.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>The Survival of the Unfittest</i>, circa 1890.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Slept in the Cellar Four Years</i>: One of Four Peddlers in Cellar of 11 Ludlow Street. 1890-92.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Police Station Lodging Rooms, Church Street Station, in which Jacob A. Riis slept in 1870.</i> circa 1890.</p>
<p><b>Jacob Riis</b>, <i>Ancient Lodger, Eldridge Street Police Station</i>: A 'Scrub' and Her Bed -- The Plank. 1890.</p>
1848 , d. 1914

"Muckraking" journalist who emigrated to America and went trough hard times, documented life in New York City slums to show people's plights, one of the very first to use flash photography (firing flash powder cartridges in pistol-like devices or lighting it on frying pans) to capture photos in dim interiors and at night.

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