Gordon Parks

<p><b>Gordon Parks</b></p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Muhammed Ali</i>, Miami, Florida, 1966.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Emerging Man</i>, Harlem, New Tork, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>American Gothic</i>, Washington, D.C., 1942.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Harlem Newsboy</i>, New York, New York, 1943.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Street Scene: Two children walking</i>, Harlem, New York, 1943.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Woman and Dog in Window</i>, Harlem, New York, 1943.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Sandy Brown</i>, Life Magazine, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Nursemaid's Kerchief by Lilly Daché</i>, New York, New York, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Paris</i>, 1949.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Patricia Donovan in Men's Fashions</i>, New York, New York, 1950.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Department Store</i>, Mobile, Alabama, 1956.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>At Segregated Drinking Fountain</i>, Mobile, Alabama, 1956.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>In-home barbershop</i>, Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Theater evening fashions,</i>, New York, 1958.</p>
<p><b>Gordon Parks</b>, <i>Evening Wraps at Dawn</i>, New York, New York, 1956.</p>
1912 , d. 2006

Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks: attended segregated schools, was discouraged by teachers from college aspirations, and after his mother's death ended up on the streets. Got a job at a flophouse, got a camera, got encouragement from the clerk who developed his film, worked his way up shooting portraits, fashion and documentary until doing assignments for Vogue and Life despite prejudice. Wrote music, an autobiographical novel, and directed films including Shaft in 1971.

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