George Krause

<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>NEWSPAPER</i>, Atlantic City, 1974.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>WHITE HORSE</i>, Maine, 1963.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>ANGEL & CHERUBS</i>, Philadelphia, 1962.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>HAND OF FATIMA</i>, Spain, 1954.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>BIRDS</i>, Mexico, 1965.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>STAIRS</i>, South Carolina, 1961.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>BLACK VENUS</i>, Philadelphia, 1960.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>SHEEP</i>, Portugal, 1970.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>SHADOW</i>, Spain, 1964.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b><i>ELEPHANT GIRL</i>, Philadelphia, 1965.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>FLOWER POT</i>.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, from the Sfumato series.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>Hockaday 4</i>.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>FOUNTAINHEAD</i>, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1970.</p>
<p><b>George Krause</b>, <i>SWING</i>, Wildwood, NJ, 1971.</p>

As Mark Power so nicely put it, George Krause perhaps captures some of the indecisive moments. George Krause introduces his series on cemeteries:

My father died before my second birthday and I grew up with a pervading sense of my own mortality. The fear was intensified when my mother would tell me, in anger, that I was stubborn and willful like my father; And like him, I would leave home at sixteen and be dead at the age of twenty-five. I did leave home at sixteen and at twenty I began to work on this cemetery series with the certainty that I had only five years left to live. On my twenty-sixth birthday I visited my mother and told her how relieved I was to have outlived the Krause curse. She thought for a momemt and said "Actually your father was twenty-seven when he died".


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