George Hurrell

<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Errol Flynn</i>, 1936.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Jane Russell</i>, 1941.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Carole Lombard</i>, 1934-36.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Jean Harlow</i>, 1932-35.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>James Cagney</i>, 1940.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Jascha Heifetz</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Ann Sheridan</i>, 1939.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Veronica Lake</i>, 1941.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Joan Crawford</i>, 1931.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Norma Shearer</i>, 1934.</p>
<p><b>George Hurrell</b>, <i>Joan Crawford</i>, 1931. Unretouched version on left, hand retouched on film version to right.</p>
1904 , d. 1992

Born in Cincinnati and studied painting, then moved to California and tried photography when painting didn't pay. Became the Hollywood glamour photographer of the 1930s and 1940s, and after WWII shot fashion. Shot 8x10 and did a lot of retouching on the negatives themselves to idealize his subjects; took only a few exposures to get what he wanted.

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