Fred Herzog

<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Old Man Main</i>, 1959</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Main Barber</i>, 1968</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Curtains</i>, 1972</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Man with Bandage</i>, 1968</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Self Portrait</i>, 1959</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Staircase</i>, 1958</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Hastings and Carrall</i>, 1968</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Wild Animal</i>, 1960</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>CPR Pier & Marine Building</i>, 1953</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Crossing Powell 2</i>, 1985</p>
<p><b>Fred Herzog</b>, <i>Go</i>, 1985</p>

Born Ulrich Herzog. Emigrated to Canada in 1952, and picked up the nickname Fritz (later Fred) while working on the ships there. Later he became a medical photographer for the University of British Columbia. On his own time he recorded working-class Vancouver before it was changed by the city's growth. He used Kodachrome slide film (good for projecting images on a screen, but harder to get prints from), so his work remained largely unexhibited and unknown until advances in printing allowed him to get the quality he wanted.

Photos courtesy of Fred Herzog/Equinox Gallery.



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