David LaChapelle

<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>American Jesus: Hold Me, Carry Me Boldly</i>, from The Beatification, 2009.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Archangel Michael: And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer</i>, from The Beatification, 2009.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b></p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Jesus Is My Homeboy: Loaves & Fishes</i>, 2003.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Jesus Is My Homeboy: Intervention</i>, 2003.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>The House At The End Of The World: Can You Help Us?</i>, 2005.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Ayurvedic Tisanes</i>.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>The Fame Kills: Lady Gaga & Kanye West</i>, 2010.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Land Scape: Riverside</i>, 2013.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Gas 76</i>, 2012.</p>
<p><b>David LaChapelle</b>, <i>Earth Laughs At Flowers: Springtime</i>, 2008-2011.</p>

Hyper-colorful pop surrealistic imagery with references to art history.

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