David Goldblatt

<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Pulling out of Pretoria the 7:00 pm bus from Marabastad to Waterval in KwaNdebele</i>, 1983.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Coronation Restaurant in the Diagonal Street fruit market, Johannesburg</i>, January 1962.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Loading Flour, West Street, Johannesburg</i>, October 1963.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Practice, Hillbrow, Johannesburg</i>, 1960.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Seated in Martjie Marais's kitchen: her husband's brother, Johannes, and her nephew Derick. Gamkaskloof, Cape Province (Western Cape)</i>, 1967.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>A protea grower and his family on their small-holding near Groot Drakenstein, Near Paarl, Cape Province (Western Cape)</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>The farmer's wife, Fochville</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Volkspelers wait to perform traditional dances on the Day of the Covenant, in celebration of the Boer victory over the Zulus in the Battle of Blood River in 1838, when the Boers promised God that if He gave them victory they would forever honour the day. Still celebrated as a public holiday, 16 December is now known as Day of Reconciliation. Aasvoelkop, Johannesburg, Transvaal (Gauteng)</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>The commando of National Party stalwarts which escorted prime minister and National Party leader Hendrik Verwoerd and his wife Betsie to the party's 50th anniversary celebrations at de Wildt, Transvaal</i>, October 1964.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Policeman in a squad car on Church Square, Pretoria (Tshwane), Transvaal (Gauteng)</i>, 1967.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>The brothers Stappies and Kloot Cordier challenge me to a shooting competition. The target was a brown stone on a brown field about 50 metres away. As prize they put up a watermelon and I a couple of cans of beer. Gamkasfloof, Cape Province (Western Cape)</i>, December 1967.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Lewies Nel in his voorkamer. On the battery-powered turntable Jeremy Taylor was singing 'Ag pleeze Deddy won't you take us to the drive-in'. Gamkaskloof, Cape Province (Western Cape)</i>, 1966.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>A plot-holder, his wife and their eldest son at lunch, Wheatlands, Randfontein</i>, September 1962.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>At a meeting of the Worker-Management Liaison Committee of the Colgate-Palmolive company, Boksburg</i>, 1980.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>The Modi's daughter in their shop before its destruction under the Group Areas Act, Fietas</i>, 1977.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Team leader and mine captain on a pedal car, Rustenburg Platinum Mine, Rustenburg</i>, 1971.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>In a kibble going down with Master sinker, Butch Britz (right). Pipes and cables in the shaft sides streaking past. Daylight disappearing above. In a moment big doors will cover the top of the shaft to prevent anything falling from the surface onto the men below.</i></p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Hailed by the team, the cactus grab dumps a load of rock into a kibble. The driver of the grab swings the machine around the confined space of the shaft in seemingly manic abandon as he seeks mouthfuls of rock. The men, lithe and nimble, dodge the grab while helping to feed its digestion in a coming and going of empty and full kibbles</i>, 1969.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Shaftsinking: the cactus grab has dumped the last load of big rocks in the kibble, now the men clear the smaller rocks from the bottom, lashing the kibble with shovels. President Steyn No. 4 Shaft, Welkom, Orange Free State</i>, June 1969.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Bathroom attached to the office of the General Manager with 'dirty' bath and 'clean' bath for his use after he had been underground. New Kleinfontein Gold Mine, Benoni</i>, May 1967.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Concession store (shop catering especially to Black miners) interior, Crown Mines</i>, May 1967.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Waiting to sell food to construction workers who are putting the finishing touches to 93 Grayston. Sandton, Johannesburg</i>, 2001.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Newtown Squatter Camp, M1 motorway</i>, 2001.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Klein Pela, Northern Cape</i>, 2004.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Quaggamaag, Bushmanland, Northern Cape</i>, 2004.</p>
<p><b>David Goldblatt</b>, <i>Windmills, Ventersburg, Free State</i>, 2003.</p>
South African
1930 , d. 2018

Photographer who has chronicled South Africa from the 1940s through apartheid to the present.

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