David Fokos

<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Painted Rocks, North Tisbury, Massachusetts</i>, 2003.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Gasworks, Seattle, Washington</i>, 2007.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Shiprock, Navajo Nation</i>, 2009.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Scenic View, Kiptopeke, Virginia</i>, 2009.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Easy Chop Poles, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts</i>, 1996.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Steam, Glen Cove, Washington</i>, 2007.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Foggy Night, Stafford, Texas</i>, 2005.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Jetty, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts</i>, 2001.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>New Construction, Sorrento Valley, California</i>, 2002.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Smokestack, Fall River, Massachusetts</i>, 1997.</p>
<p><b>David Fokos</b>, <i>Water Control, Ballard, Washington</i>, 2004.</p>

Large format and long exposure black and white landscapes, influenced by scientific background and interest in Japanese aesthetics.

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