David Bailey

<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Mick Jagger</i>, 1964.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>John Lennon</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Reggie Kray; Ronnie Kray</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Michael Caine</i>, 1965.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Jude Law</i>, 2004.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Jean Shrimpton</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Marianne Faithfull</i>, 1964.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b></p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Diana, Princess of Wales</i>, 1988.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Diana, Princess of Wales</i>, 1988.</p>
<p><b>David Bailey</b>, <i>Margaret Thatcher</i>, 1975.</p>

Captured fashion and celebrity of "Swinging London" in the 60s, achieved celebrity status along with photographers Brain Duffy and Terence Donovan, together known as "the Black Trinity".

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