Christopher Anderson

<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. HAITI. 2000. 44 Haitians attempt to sail from Haiti to the United States in a 23 foot homemade wooden boat named the Believe in God. As the boat sinks, the coast guard boards the boat to rescue its passengers. Here, a Haitiian man drifts in and out of consciousness from dehydration. He was too weak to stand and had to be carried from the boat.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. SERBIA. 2008. Nikolic MILICA lost her son Ducan and granddaughter Biljana, 7 years in a massacre of Serbians at the hands of Muslims (Naser Oric) on January 7th, 1992. She also lost another 23 members of her family at other times during the war. The Massacre occurred on Serbian Christmas and as many as 140 are reported to have been killed....</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. SERBIA. Belgrade. 2008.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. ISRAEL. Palestine. 2007. Street scenes in the old quarter of Bethlehem.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. ISRAEL. Palestine. 2007. The Door of Humility that leads into the main sanctuary inside the Church of the Nativity.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. ISRAEL. Palestine. 2007. The security wall near Rachel's Tomb as scene from inside Bethlehem next to a gas station.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b></p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. USA. Brooklyn, NY. 2009. Marion with pacifier at door to bathroom.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. USA. New York. 2010. door with reflection.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. USA. Austin, TEXAS. 2010. Woman with broken down truck.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. USA. 2005. A man stands in the parking lot of an apartment complex.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. VENEZUELA. 2007.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. AFGHANISTAN. Kunduz. 2001. People flee the fighting at the front lines of Kunduz. On the hills at top right and left are Northern Alliance troops manning the front lines.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. PAKISTAN. 2001. Afghan refugees in refugee camps near Peshewar. A girl stands amid tents torn by a wind storm.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. VENEZUELA. Caracas. 2007. Woman in a bar.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. VENEZUELA. Caracas. 2007. Boys playing in a slum overlooking Caracas.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. VENEZUELA. Caracas. August 2004. A supporter of President Hugo CHAVEZ, called a "Chavista," taunts voters waiting to vote during a referendum on CHAVEZ' presidency.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. AFGHANISTAN. 2001. Northern Alliance soldiers at the front lines of the battle for Kunduz where American B52 bombers circle over head and drop their payload.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. VENEZUELA. Caracas. August 2004. Gun battle between Metropolitan Police and gangs from gang-controlled neighborhood of Catia, one of Caracas' sprawling slums. The police patrols, either on foot or motorcycles, searches regularly for weapons and drugs.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. CHILE. Santiago. 1995. Soldiers on parade for Augusto Pinochet in front of the presidential palace.</p>
<p><b>Christopher Anderson</b>. AFGHANISTAN. Kunduz. 2001. Taliban fighter seen through the windshield of a Toyota HiLux that has been smeared with mud as camouflage from American bombers surrenders to Northern Alliance troops outside of Kunduz.</p>

Magnum Photos member, first gained recognition for photos of Haitian refugees trying to reach America in a wooden boat that sank.

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