Bruno Barbey

<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>MOROCCO. Chechaouen. 1972. The walls of the old city</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>POLAND. Zalipie, the "painted village" near Ternow. Houses are completely painted on the inside and outside by their owners. 1976</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>IRAQ. Kurds. 1974. Dokan lake</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>KUWAIT. 1991. Burgan burning oil fields. U.S. Marines. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq took place on August 2nd 1990. It was followed by the Allied intervention under operation Desert Storm. The Allies finally liberated Kuwait on February 27th 1991, after 7 months of occupation and 5 weeks of war</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>POLAND. Silesia region. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska village. 1981. Religious pilgrimage during the Holy Week</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>SPAIN. Alcoy. Festival of Christians and Moors. Confetti cover the observers. 1986</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>PORTUGAL. Estremadura region. Nazare. Carapou (mackerel) fish dry in the sun. 1979</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>PORTUGAL. Near Castro Marim. 1979</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>MOROCCO. Meknes. Moulay Ismael Mausoleum (Muslim shrine). 1985</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>BRAZIL. City of Rio de Janeiro. Carnival. Municipal ball. 1973</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>BRAZIL. Belem. The Amazon River. 2008</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>JAPAN. Tokyo. Demonstration against the construction of the Narita Airport and the war of Vietnam. 1971</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>GERMANY. West Berlin. Santa Clauses pose for a group photo by the Berlin Wall. 1989</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b></p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>ITALY. Sicily region. Town of Palermo. 1963</i>.</p>
<p><b>Bruno Barbey</b>, <i>NORTHERN IRELAND. Londonderry. 1971. Street fighting against British soldiers</i>.</p>

Studied photography and graphic arts in Switzerland, has photographed many conflicts and traveled extensively. Magnum Photos member.

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