Bill Brandt

<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude, Belgravia< London</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude East Sussex</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude Baie des Anges</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude Baie des Anges</i>, 1959.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude East Sussex</i>, 1957.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Nude, Hampstead, London</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>London Nude</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Early Morning on the River</i>, 1930s.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Gull's Nest, Midsummer Eve, Isle of Skye</i>, 1947.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Eva and Lyena</i>, 1934.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Parlourmaid and Under Parlourmaid Ready to Serve Dinner</i>, 1939.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Sunday Evening</i>, 1936.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Domino Players North London</i>, 1930-1935.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Epsom Derby</i>, 1935.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b></p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Rainswept Roofs, London</i>, 1933.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Coal Miners' Houses with No Windows to the Street</i>, circa 1937.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Halifax</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Snicket in Halifax</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Policeman in a Bermondsey Alley</i>, 1938.</p>
<p><b>Bill Brandt</b>, <i>Misty Evening in Sheffield</i>, 1937.</p>
1904 , d. 1983

Photographed a bit of everything - British society, the Blitz, portraits, landscapes, and distorted nudes.

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